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Prologue : My BMC at ABVIMAS July 2015 – 1

(Originally intended to be published in September 2015!)

Its now been a month and a half since I completed the course that has been a distant dream to me ever since I can remember. To give you a better perspective, my love for the mountains goes back more than two decades, probably back when I was turning into a rebellious “eigh”-teenager (yep I was 18) looking for something to take me away from monotony into the Shangri-la that I had read about.

The wistful thinking and longing to explore wondrous lands finally found release in my first year of Architecture when I managed to save up some money and moved out solo on a shoestring budget to the mysterious lands of the North East during the college vacations. The actual experience was the clincher for me…the very sight of the grand snow capped Himalayas was quite simply love at first sight. I knew then, that I had found my calling, that nothing would keep me away from them for long.

Time went by and although I felt satiated by regular trips and treks to the majestic massifs, there was always this inexplicable gnawing inside…the burning desire to climb the stairway to heaven…to view the world from above. I could only imagine the splendor that would unfold below me…to be one with the sky, the closest one could feel to flight. And so, the seed was sown … a seed that grew gradually until it had turned into a deep rooted desire.

The thought simmered all through the years while I worked to try and get myself settled and secure the future, not only for me and my wife, but also for our daughter. As professionally and financially we got more stable, our daughter proved to be (still is and forever will be) a real charmer and I loved watching her grow and being with her all the way through. By the time she turned 4, my desire to be with the mountains suffered another setback. I was diagnosed late with an auto immune disorder – Uveitis, and by the time anything could be done, my eyes had progressed into full blown cataract with the steroid use bringing on glaucoma. I have been used to setbacks so despite this being a tough period, my loved ones supported me and amazingly I pulled through with the surgery regaining about 70% of my eyesight. What that reminded me was that I should not let my dream go and should instead start re-focusing and get back in shape … who knows what tomorrow may bring!

A few years further on and finally I was ready to begin in earnest. My immediate target was to improve my stamina and lose some weight. Squash at the club turned out to be a blessing…and I was soon enjoying the hours of practice and the long matches on court. Fitness improved and I also lost 7 kilos in 2 months. However after a year and a half of playing squash, i noticed my chronic knee ligament (from an injury when I was 16) start to flare up. I realised that my competitiveness would not allow me to play squash just to paddle about a bit…I would always strive to get better, and this would lead to possible deterioration of the knee beyond salvage. It was then that I thought that perhaps distance running would serve me better – improve my stamina, endurance and my lung capacity. As it turns out, it was the right choice and I fairly quickly settled into being able to do half marathons reasonably comfortably. This was also followed by a couple of moderately tough treks and a minor summit in Uttarakhand that helped build confidence.

A few months later, I was able to run my first marathon, which was quite an achievement for me. Just a couple of days after the run, as I sat wondering about my next challenge – wanting to do an ultra, a realisation struck me…in the madness of trying to become a better runner, I was losing the bigger picture! I went on to the HMI NIM and ABVIMAS websites and found out that 39-40 is the maximum age to do the Basic Mountaineering Course. This year (2015) I would complete 40, and this really was it. There was no more time left to prepare…I had to register now or it would be never. I called up NIM and HMI but was informed that courses were full for months and it wasn’t very likely I would get enrolled this year. That left ABVIMAS where I was relieved to find that I could enroll and was pretty much assured a seat. Around end of Feb 2015, I sent out my form and I was confirmed by around end of March via email. FINALLY, I had taken the step that I had always wanted to and now there was no turning back. I chalked out a plan to get myself in shape with important milestones set up. This would not be easy as I had to work on my upper body, overall stamina AND endurance…but the very challenge and the thought of finally being able to do “IT” was enough to push me on an adrenaline fueled  punishing schedule.

The final few months flew by and before I knew it, July was looming. My flight tickets had been booked in advance and on June 28th I finally flew off into the unknown…excited and intimidated in equal parts. Only time would tell if my training had been good enough to overcome my physical disabilities.

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3 thoughts on “Prologue : My BMC at ABVIMAS July 2015 – 1

  1. You already write very well, perhaps because this text is from hart and express wonderful feelings, perhaps because in this matter you also trained and improved.

    However, I’m very curious to see what will came next, how you recall dialogues, images (we have seen few posted by you already) and, especially, feelings.

    I’m curious if you discovered the house of Shiv or, at least, the Shangri-la, because those dreams from youth are the best part of our souls, the one unaffected by later causes.
    Also, I think that witnessing your experiences others could get inspired too. And I thank you for that !

    Posted by thegreatmaker | January 21, 2016, 6:48 pm
    • Thanks for reading! 🙂 Yes, I myself wonder what I will remember next! I do not yet know… what I do know is that I had already written the second part as well which also lay in draft and I will publish that today! 🙂

      Posted by windowtoindia75 | January 22, 2016, 12:09 pm
  2. Wow so inspiring.

    Posted by Edyta Diana Kania | January 22, 2016, 7:00 pm

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