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Mind Over Matter

It has long been believed that ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts describe advanced techniques of meditation (mind over matter) with which ancient priests/monks could influence not only their body, but also manipulate the elements of nature. These ancient practices are still followed by a handful, mostly the tantric sect of Buddhism which is more common along the remote borders of Tibet, ranging from Tabo in the west to Lachen in the east. Whether this is true or not, you will find people in the remote regions swearing by it…indeed it is a part of their lives in fact! … and why not… in such desolate areas where survival is a challenge, Im sure the mind adapts to a higher plane that we, with all modern comforts, have totally lost out on.

There are quite a few examples that bear one to think of the power of the untapped mind is very real (modern hypnotists and healers aside)

Kyi monastery, near Kaza (Spiti valley)

A couple of decades ago, in Ghuen village in the remote Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh, a 500 year old mummy of a monk was accidentally found, meditating in the esoteric posture of tantric Buddhist practices. He had sacrificed his life, using advanced meditation techniques, for his village to save it from an outbreak of scorpions. The story goes that the moment he gave up his life, there was a flock of butterflies that appeared and the scorpions disappeared.

Lama Sangha Tenzin – the amazingly preserved mummy of a monk who sacrified himself.

(More details can be found here)

To test the mental abilities of the monks, a team from Harvard performed strictly monitored tests, which was made into a documentary shown on the History channel, trailer shown below.

This takes me back to my earlier post – the X Dimension, and leads me to wonder ever more what the mind could truly be capable of.  A lot to be researched, perhaps the answers lie up in the mountains… or perhaps they lie in simple disciplined meditation.

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