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Would you Like To Try The PURPLE PILL, Mr Anderson?

Whoever thought the famous “Mr Anderson blue or red pill” line up……. was pyschotic, confused, completely high (on whatever) and a genius. Perhaps he meant it as a modern day cliche or perhaps it was unintentional and had its basis in a truth far beyond the usual constraints of English grammar.

This post isnt humorous at all and talks about perhaps one of the most amazing metaphors of the current generation. Do we play it safe hombres, or do we go out in a blaze of glory that is most likely to be short lived?

What is truly delusional? are we all constant junkies of the blue pill that gives us the conformity, and thus the security, we all crave? do we truly live in the true world? are we even aware of the true world?

Regularly we are bombarded with new discoveries that challenge what we knew just a few years ago! We have technology that did not begin its advent until very  very late in our evolution, but once it did, its been off the charts!

Is it not magic that we SEE events and people on a slim panel made out of sand, called the television? Isit not magic that we treat photographs from galaxies thousands of light years away, as objects of research? Is it not a miracle.that we can see the stunning light from galaxies of the furthest outposts of our own universe…have we even stopped and tried to imagine the mind boggling distance that the light travelled to reach us?

Do we ever think what that universe must be… NOW? Do we ever think why WE still struggle with the notion of other intelligences populating the infinite universe and wondering why so few of us ever take the red pill?

Every day of our lives we go through personal misery or on a larger scale – “constitutional” misery. A pain brought out of our own belief in being unable to change the “system” that forces us to do what we do not wish to.

When in the depths of such despair what do most people do? Complain? sigh? seek out comfort food? blame it on the government? kneel before an altar of stone , believing it to be the omnipotent force to make US happy at the expense of everyone else who prays likewise?

SO, what in fact are we actually imbibing? is it truly the blue pill? the pill of “logic” or is it the red pill? believing in what we think is a supreme force sent to assuage us of all our crimes and guilt?

Fact is, both pills lie within us – we ARE the world we know. Has anyone given a thought as to why some things just cannot be explained by science despite science being able to create nano transmitters?  or devices that unravel the complex history of space time? We peep a billion light years into our past and yet know not how to conduct ourselves. We die and kill others for idiotic concepts of omnipotence around shards of rock that must bemusedly be watching our circle of self destruction.

We dream about populating outer space and yet we cannot educate ourselves on cleanliness and climate change…or most importantly, on co existence with tolerance and love for all. We do not truly wish to save our planet and yet we hope for miracles out of a guilty conscience.

Its been pretty long as it is, but the fact is that I am an eternal optimist and hope that my ridiculous prose is read by someone and changes even a couple in the way they think. Without further ado I shall end this rubbish discourse and remind all of the only organ we all have that can bring about a revolution.

Thats right, the brain .. the only PURPLE PILL we all have – the only means to right what is wrong and to make the impossible come true. Its the gateway to all dimensions, and true wonder 🙂

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